If you have a question, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions before reporting a fault.

Q: My UPS doesn`t work? What do I do now?

A: Please fill in the online RMA form by selecting "Enter New RMA" from the menu on the left.

Q: My 9120 UPS is showing Battery test failure on the front panel. Does this mean the batteries are faulty?

A: Not necessarily. the first procedure to carry out is to check the firmware level for the UPS which is easily done via the front panel (see user manual). For units rated between 700-3kVA the firmware level has to be 1.08 or greater. For 5 & 6 Kva units the firmware level has to be version 3 or greater. If any units have lower versions please contact the Technical Support department.

Q: Why do I measure a lower than normal Output Voltage on the units which do not have a sine output waveform when they are working in Battery Mode?

A: You are probably using a budget Digital Volt Meter which is measuring Peak Voltage rather than RMS Voltage. The UPS is working correctly but your DVM needs to be replaced by a technically superior product.

Q: The stated maximum Output Current for the UPS is much higher than is available before the unit indicates an Overload condition. Why is this?

A: The available Output Current is dependent upon the load characteristics in terms of Power Factor. For example an 80kVA UPS is also rated at 64kW which means that if the Load Power Factor is 0.8 then an Output Current of 112A (100%) is available but if the Load Power Factor is 1.0 then 90A (100%) is available. In both cases the Real Power which is available is 64kW. Larger UPS tend to be quoted with a Power Factor of 0.8 and smaller with 0.67 which is more typical of that which is presented to the UPS by Switched Mode Power Supplies as found in modern computer equipment